Immigrant communities connect with Indigenous products to nurture, heal during pandemic

Catalina, 6, helps her mother, Sharah Nieto, prepare atole with pinole, a hot beverage made of almond milk and chocolate.
Credit: Valeria Fernández/The World 

Cihuapactli Collective, a group based in Phoenix, provides food packages to immigrant communities full of Indigenous products that connect and heal families with ancestral nutrition.

During 6-year-old Catalina’s lunch break from online school, she watches her mother, Sharah Nieto, as she prepares one of her favorite drinks on their patio. Nieto is making atole, a traditional Mexican drink using pinole (ground corn), almond milk and a bit of chocolate, served hot. Sharah Nieto grew up in California, but the smell of atole reminds her of her mom. Her parents are from Yucatan and Chihuahua, Mexico…Read more

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