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Uruguay’s virtual education

Uruguay’s virtual education was ahead of the curve when the pandemic hit

Before the pandemic, each student in the Uruguayan public system already had a personal computer under Plan Ceibal, which started in 2007. Credit: Courtesy of Plan Ceibal

The country’s Plan Ceibal program had already been supplying students with tablets and computers for 15 years.

Virtual education had a few perks for Uruguayan teenager Martina Vazquez.

The 13-year-old loved how she could keep track of every single assignment at a glance. And if she got lost, she could go back and review recorded classes…Read more

Cihuapactli Collective

Immigrant communities connect with Indigenous products to nurture, heal during pandemic

Catalina, 6, helps her mother, Sharah Nieto, prepare atole with pinole, a hot beverage made of almond milk and chocolate.
Credit: Valeria Fernández/The World 

Cihuapactli Collective, a group based in Phoenix, provides food packages to immigrant communities full of Indigenous products that connect and heal families with ancestral nutrition.

During 6-year-old Catalina’s lunch break from online school, she watches her mother, Sharah Nieto, as she prepares one of her favorite drinks on their patio. Nieto is making atole, a traditional Mexican drink using pinole (ground corn), almond milk and a bit of chocolate, served hot. Sharah Nieto grew up in California, but the smell of atole reminds her of her mom. Her parents are from Yucatan and Chihuahua, Mexico…Read more

“Lost and Found,” Phoenix New Times, February 1, 2017

Anthony Tremmaglia

Sara trembled, her eyes closed. Her small, 18-year-old figure was there in the passenger seat of my car, but her mind was locked behind a closed door. She grabbed her head. A vein in her forehead was swelling; it was as if her thoughts were exploding.

I was there in response to a desperate call. She said she was alone and afraid. Deeply afraid. She said she needed someone to talk to. It was 10 at night; I drove across town and picked her up.

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